Composure and Fake Love

Drake is one of America’s top artists at the moment. He’s constantly creating narratives that are relatable to all his listeners, fans, and even his

South African & American Hip Hip: Brothers From another Mother

There are many similarities between the history of South Africa and the history of North America. From white supremacy to black/colored people fighting for their

Contrast of Cultures

Today I’m revisiting one of my favorite South African Hip Hop artists AKA in an effort to compare his song messages and visual presentation with

US vs South African Music Video

The two music videos I will be comparing is All Eyes on Me by AKA and Pop That by French Montana. The striking similarity in both

Sounds of South Africa

Here we have a more Hip Hop sounding track from some of some of the most traditional sounding hip hop artists South Africa has to

The Battle Between Hip-Hop & Pop

Our assignment was to find one hip-hop artist and one pop artist from Africa and compare their videos based on style and lyrics. I chose

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