DUMI RIGHT, also known as Dumisani Ndlovu, is one half of the golden-age hip hop rap group Zimbabwe Legit. Zimbabwe Legit is known as the first African hip-hop group to record in the States, and they worked with legends such as Chubb Rock, YZ, and the Jungle Brothers, to name a few. Dumi is originally from Harare, Zimbabwe, and eventually moved to America during the height of hip hop. When it comes to his music, Dumi is passionate about staying true to his legacy as shaping the influence of Africa on American hip hop culture. Even today, Dumi continues to make political statements in his music, emphasizing the need for unity and peace amongst Black people. One of his most recent singles, “We Don’t Need” featuring Chubb Rock, discusses everything that has hit the Black community this year, from the pandemic to police brutality, and emphasizes the need for unity.

In his animated music video for “We Don’t Need”, Dumi shows images of Black Lives Matter protests in reaction to senseless police brutality, corruption within the government, mass incarceration, and effects of the pandemic, to name a few. As stated in the video, Dumi believes that the one solution for the chaos is for America to “free their mind” before fighting for change. To call out ignorance, one has to embrace knowledge and understanding of the “opponent.” Chubb Rock exposes the chaotic presidency after Obama and how it is up to the people to see change. Overall they both suggest avoiding unnecessary trouble outside of protesting injustice by practicing love over war.

DUMI RIGHT creates music for the modern revolutionary, people who are observant of the times and tend to focus on solutions to the issues we face in the world. He has a strong point of view about moving towards unity while staying true to his African roots and teaching the world through his music.

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