Dear hiphop,

Ernest Tulye Nsimbi Lupiazitta Zamba, Ugandan legend best known as GNL Zamba skillfully tells the story of his jorney in “Dear Hip Hop”. Zamba fluidly transitions between his indigenous dialect of Luganda, and english throughout the son. He fuses traditional African instruments, into what he has coined “Luga Flow”. He serves as a representation for African art and has inspired a new generation of Ugandan rappers to embrace their native language. He says “Luga flow is my culture so I must represent”, underscoring his love for his culture and awareness that he is serves as a cultural ambassador. 

This song details his story of his deep love for hip hop as a young boy to the present day.  Zamba is deeply rooted in his background and illuminates his origins and the elements that are the foundation of form and culture. Zamba highlights the elements of hip hop as well, focusing on lyrics and the power of words, “Lyrically the pen is mightier than the sword I can see” . His visuals tell the story of during quarantine and on an iphone 11. This is encouraging to many rising artists that they can produce with the tools that they have. Through this song he started a challenge for young rappers, using one of the five elements of hip hop, and shared a three minute video to win a cash prize. This approach appeals and enables the young people to be cognisant of their power and the potential to create.  

GNL Zamba shares his artistic gifts beyond the stage by creating global platforms and opportunities to empower local communities. He advocates for his country through the environment, as a filmmaker and a social entrepreneur. His language is unapologetically true to his roots and hip hop. He has influenced artists across the region, content, and world. Even Jay-Z has cited his work as inspiration, and he continues to infuse his tradition into his work.  





Dear hip hop video, shot on iphone 11

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