Anderson Mwakazi – Pray for nature

Anderson Mwakazi is otherwise known as Harshkid Luckystah, and fellow artists Bernard Kaisa and Simon Mwanjala. Mwakazi is from southeast Kenya and hails from a family of farmers which made his connection to nature and the effects of damaging it that much more personal and powerful so much so he dedicated this well-put-together song to counteract the negatives.  The three artists altogether took it upon themselves to bring an important issue to light using their music and accompanying music video. That issue being the climate crisis and the deforestation associated with that. In Mwakazi, Kaisa, and Mwanjala’s song titled ‘Pray for nature’ they begin with reminiscing about nature when they were younger and elaborate on the inherent beauty within and quickly shift to the near terror associated with a bulldozer destroying nature. The song continues by warning of all the things affected by a seemingly minuscule tree falling down including the rain, wildlife, and the health of the earth itself which we all inhabit. The rest of the song is devoted to rectifying the damage we inadvertently caused to the earth and taking notice of that damage in order to heal it. With lines such as “protect the trees and avoid the strife” the artists make the goal of the song very prevalent and with that approach make the goal that much more attainable. As for the song itself, it was as previously said well done and hit the nail right on the head in regards to purpose, personal connection, convincing the listener, and visual appeal. The video was also stunning, lush green environment around the artists and the pray for nature shirts to accompany it. My personal favorite part of the video is the humanity in it because though they are artists trying to push a social point forward they did so while having fun together as just people.

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