Yipikayay by Reason feat. AKA and Khuli Chana

Reason teamed up with AKA and Khuli Chana, these two being described as hip hop heavyweights in South Africa, to record this song. Depending on the type of hip hop you’re into this song can either be your favorite/in your top favorite songs or you can just completely not like the song (I guess you could not have any particular feelings about it but that’s not the point). This song is catchy. I caught myself nodding my head the beat. Listening and looking at the lyrics gave me a different impression of the song. While this beat is different from the beat I have heard in music in the US, the lyrics are basic but clever. The majority of the song is about money, women and the the things that they buy with the money. There is a clever line that AKA raps in the chorus “Takw a double L for yourself Cool J” I chuckled when I heard that it was pretty clever.  When Khuli Chana rapped his verse he utilized his mother tongue (I am not sure what language he was speaking or what he was saying, but the way he switched from English to the other language was flawless, and at first I didn’t even realize that he switched languages; his flow was that smooth. This song is good for pre-gaming, getting hyped and possibly  a middle of the party song to keep the crowd lit. I am personally a fan of this song even though it is not lyrically special or a song to  make you think, but the lyrics aren’t terrible, they are decent and the beat makes this song easier to listen to.

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