WizKid is Going Crazy for Love

As one of the most famous international Nigerian artists, WizKid’s reach and influence cannot go unnoticed. As the music video for his hit Single ‘Joro’, he is no stranger to the seemingly trivial yet common sensation of feeling crazy falling in love. With love being one of the most (if not the most) covered subjects in music, WizKid’s dancehall style tune cements the fact love and all of its byproducts are completely universal. The word ‘Joro’ in Yoruba means something along the lines of ‘Crazy/Out of one’s mind’. Within the song, WizKid speaks on being so in love with a woman that he begins to feel crazy. If using the same lyrics and even the same beat, but simply swapping out the artist who performs the subject matter, one would not be able to tell that this was anything but an American chart topping single that has consistent radio play. I note this fact to show that as an artist WizKid represents the international appeal of otherwise underexposed artists from various countries on the African continent. If one were to create their perception of Nigeria based on this video, it is safe to assume that they would simply see people behaving in a manner very similar to everywhere else in the world. The incorporation of a dancehall style beat and world flow that has been closely identified with contemporary African artists (such as Burna Boy) helps to show that the Nigerian people are familiar with the artistic styles of other members of the diaspora and even adopt them, displaying their ability to learn and evolve their personal musical styles allowing them to enter and succeed in multiple genres. I wouldn’t go so far to say that this video paints Nigerian people in a certain light, as many different cultures often lament about love, but the success of artists like WizKid show Nigeria’s progressive attitudes toward different styles and subject matter of music.

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