“They Dont”- Nasty C

Hip Hop activism critically and creatively engages communities, mainly different age groups, through their music or art form. This week is about social and political change and i will be talking about the South African rapper “Nasty C” the song is called They don’t feature T.I. It starts with poignant lyrics “they don’t want me to win, they do not want to see my people living good and at ease, they want to lock them all up and then rid of the keys, we never free. It’s structured around racial injustice and police brutality across nations this track went towards “Until Freedom” and “The Solidarity Fund” which are campaigns for tragedies resulting from injustice. “They do not want to see a young black man succeed” and in today’s era its a topic that needs to be discussed, other races, and sometimes even our race look down and hinder our growth. “to build this nation that you hate me in, the karma’s returned, you will never, word to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Emmett Till, and Sean Bell”. which are lyrics from Nasty C.

TI jumps into the next verse, rapping the names of the black men and women whose lives were cut short by the police including these victims who would have turned 27 today. He goes on to rap, “Guess they’ll rather see us all in civil unrest than to go and make some arrests”. Nasty C and T.I. split the proceeds between two campaigns to support this problem worldwide against racial injustice. The US-based program Until Freedom is focused on addressing systemic and racial injustice, as well as investing in those who are most directly impacted by recurring poverty, inequality, and violence. South Africa’s Solidarity Fund provides support, including access to food and shelter to people impacted by Covid-19.

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