Queen of the South Reigns On

Queen of the South. When I first came across this album, I was so excited. After the success of Dobale, the diaspora was excited to

Because Who SaId SO?

I know you are probably getting flashbacks of your mom saying “because I said so” from the title. But, currently, it is because Namibia’s underground


Imagine, your sitting in high school and you start putting your thoughts into raps in your school note book. You have been a fan of

Rapping In A Native Language

Raj (Okemwa Rajiv) is a Kenyan Rapper that raps in his native language Kisii. The Gusii language (also known as Kisii or Ekegusii) is a Bantu language spoken

Here’s To US

Wangechi Waweru is a Kenyan rapper, singer, and songwriter. She was born on January 19th 1994 in Nairobi, Kenya. Growing up she knew she had

Deeply Indebted

The well known rapper SHAD is another Kenyan artist who has defied the odds. SHAD was born in Kenya in 1982 but was raised in

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