The Link Was Never Broken: African Connections Prevail

Although I already covered music by Ghanaian-American hip hop artist, Blitz the Ambassador, I had to revisit his work—his solo work. From taking another look,


Samuel Bazawale was born in Accra, Ghana in 1982. While growing up he won many awards for his skill as a visual artists, but it

Blitz the Ambassador: Native Sun Album Review

The standing point of this album is how he represents Africa. This album represents Ghana and Africa to the fullest in most of these songs.

Blitz the Ambassador: Stereotype Album Review

This is Blitz the Ambassador’s third album and this album is a little different from the last two he has made. This album kind of

Blitz the Ambassador: Double Consciousness Album Review

This is the second album by Blitz the Ambassador and in contrast to the first; he takes almost every song to talk about something going

Blitz the Ambassador: Soul Rebel Album Review

To start off, the album title tells you what he’s about and what he plans to show in his first album. Throughout the album he

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