Sparking a Movement

Today we are going to take deep dive into the very music that sparked social movement within Nigeria.

This song we have today is called 20.10.20 (Wahala Day) by Chike. This song addresses the particular injustices that occurred within Nigeria. Here within the first couple lines Chike addresses the new senator which would put this song in the category of protest music. He starts off the song with the lyrics.

You don win election
So you don’t care anymore
29 million, you be senator
You don de match us oh
But you say make we no talk oh
Say make police no de shoot us
But you bring soldier

Chike calls out who would be the new head of government within his area, on their lack of concern for the people now that they have been elected into office. They will be a leader for a population of 29 million, but that person cares nothing about them. They silence the people and police them unnecessarily.

The chorus is:

Wahala Dey (ah ah eh ah)
If you no know
Wahala Dey (ah ah eh ah)
Them de kill us
Wahala Dey (ah ah eh ah)
If you no know
Wahala Dey (ah ah eh ah)
Them de kill us
Soro soke
Wahala Dey

Wahala means ‘Trouble’, and its meaning can change depending on context. ‘Wahala dey o’, means there is a problem. And clearly this is what Chike sings about here.

The second verse:

Oga Fashola with the camcorder
People don die and they wan code am
Na only God know who go settle the matter
Cos I don’t know where the country dey waka
Na who diеs next shey na me or my brothеr
Na how wey u think sey we no reach to para
Who give the order to shoot us all
Who give the order to kill us all

This verse again depicts the lack of concern for human life in Nigeria. This is a parallel to what goes on here in the US just because there are cameras now and everyone is recording everything, meaning tragedies can be seen anywhere at anytime of day.

The chorus repeats again until the song ends and leaves the listener informed on the issues at hand and also fired up about making change. Overall this song is a marker for the social change movement happening in Nigeria.

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