Social Activism in African Hip Hop

African Hip Hop artists cover a variety of different themes and concepts in their music. Whether it be in relation to socio-political change, gender and race issues, or cultural identity. There is typically a strong message leading the artist’s intentions in word choice and lyricism in the music in which they create. 

This mixtape will take you through the lives of everyday people living in Nigeria, Ghana, and Tanzania through the use of Hip Hop music.

African artists Falz, M.anifest, and Nay wa Mitego have committed their artistry to advocate for the rights of the people living in their communities. This mixtape will cover a series of topics relating to government elections, police brutality, economic hardship, and government corruption. 

As you listen to this mixtape you may gain a more nuanced perspective of the African reality that you may not have been exposed to before. 

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