Senegal: Social and Political change

“Kay ma Wone” is a single written and performed by hip hop Senegalese artist Iveka Feat. Zou. The Hip Hop song and music video follow the story of two men trying to pursue their love interests but running into conflict because of the existing social and class structures that keep them apart. The first man, played by Iveak, attempts to attract the attention of a young wealthy woman who has found herself in the “poor” side of town. During his attempts, she shoots his advances down indicating that they come to form two different worlds. Reluctant to her rejection, Iveka does not give up and makes efforts to reveille that behind their class he is a good person and she accepts. The second man, played by Zou, is intrigued by a young woman who works as a mechanic in a car shop. Though she is not traditionally his type, he begins to fall for her and attempts to look past her job occupation and view her for the content of her character. In the end, he lets go of the traditional ideals of who his wife should be and follow his heart for love. Both scenarios reveal the dynamic social and economic class structures in Senegal that contribute to the prejudice that many people face. Throughout the song, artists Iveka and Zou allude to the idea that class and traditional social norms should not determine whether or not someone is worthy of love and respect. Instead, they advocate for the Senegalese community to let go of the social normative doctrine that they have been forced to believe and look to value people based on their actions and the quality of their character. Additionally, the song also reveals that those who take the untraditional route are setting their path and are often much happier. Lastly, the hip-hop song challenges its listeners to consider what they allow to influence their decisions and whether or not they should reevaluate their morals and values. 

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