Representing Each Other

In March of 2022, The Community Church of Boston celebrated and honored the life and legacy of Berta Cáceres on the 6th anniversary of his assassination. Betta was a Honduran Indigenous Earth Defender and Water rights warrior. It may sound like he was a real life Avatar but no he wasn’t (even though that wouldn’t be too far off). He fought for the livelihoods of her community and economy. Like Berta, the event the Community Church hosted featured Alfred Lahai Gbabai Brownell Sr. He is an associate Research Professor that has been through struggles within Liberia which led him to the activist work he does. This event was also led by Helder Tsinine and his music and Kina Zore, an afro-pop band. Helder is from Mozambique but travels to Liberia often and has a genuine and home-like connection with Liberia. In the video he states “we all share the same feelings”. The first song he performs was in light of the struggles many people went through around the nation during the unprecedented times of the pandemic. This was in 2019 to 2021 and while the US and other countries were dealing with Covid -19, other places like Ukraine were also going to war during these times. Overall, many parts of the world were going through tough situations and Helder wrote a song to act as a hug of love and support for anyone and everyone who needed to know they were not alone. His next song performance shined on the children of today’s modern world. The song speaks on the importance of education to young minds and why retaining that knowledge is essential for success and more growth within the countries. His final song lifts up the entire continent of Africa and reminds us all we stand hand and hand no matter how far away we may be. 

Helder Tsinine
Click the Video above to watch the full event showcasing Alfred Brownell Sr. and Helder Asinine

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