Ghanaian Groves

I’m relatively new to the intricate and unique sounds of African Hip Hop. There is a great sense of diverse sounding Hip Hop that I’m

Films on Hip Hop in Africa

Hali Halisi (1999: Tanzania): Hali Halisi, which means “the real situation” in Swahili, is a documentary about rap as an alternative medium for urban youth in Tanzania and


    FOKN Bois is a hip-hop and hip-life duo comprised of Ghanaian musical artists Wanlov the Kubolor and M3nsa.  As we learned while studying

Chapter Overview

This is an overview of the chapters in this book. The link to the chapters provide further details about the specific resources available in those

African Women and Hip Hop

One positive trend is the groups of female emcees in various countries in Africa coming together to release collaborations or cyphers. It gives female emcees

Brown Card

Third Studio Album, Brown card by Wanlov the Kubolor the African Gypsy, released March 12, 2011, speaks about his musical exhibitions of his heritage. He

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