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Nasty C, whose full name is Nsikayesizwe David Junior Ngcobo, is a South African hip-hop artist. He released a song in June 2020 titled “They Don’t” with the collaboration of another known South African hip hop artist named T.I.

In the official video of “They Don’t” the viewer is presented with a black background with three capitalized words across the screen that says “Stop Killing Us.” This message stays on the screen throughout the entirety of the video. Nasty C and T.I. focus on racial injustice, but more specifically police brutality. This past year George Floyd was killed. Through such a tragedy, both artists took on the initiative to address a crucial issue that unfortunately persists and unfairly affects communities of color, especially those of darker skin. They start the song by saying “They don’t want me to win, they don’t want me to eat, they don’t want to see a young black succeed.” Black and African communities cannot live their lives in peace. Society is constantly watching every single move they make. Those in power are ready to take action as soon as a “wrong and inadequate” step is taken by such communities. As mentioned in the song, the constant need for alertness from African and Black communities prevents them from achieving their goals and taking on challenges. The inclusion and acknowledgment of George Floyd, Emmett Till, and Sean Bell’s deaths are very impactful. It demonstrates that even though there has been a massive rise in police brutality in the states, it is also an issue globally. Nasty C and T.I. make an emphasis on the impact that such killings have on families due to young and innocent people getting killed. Yet, Nasty C brings peace and calmness to his audience through the inclusion of religion.

Awareness of social issues within the hip-hop music industry has yet to become something heavily present. Nonetheless, it is to artists like Nasty C that more hip hop artists dare to do so throughout their music careers.

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