Mix it Up: “Women Empowerment & Hustle Culture”

Men and women play a noteworthy part in the generation of lyricism and visual substance within the dynamic of Hip Hop. Due to this, sexuality plays a major portion in making the roles of males and females inside the hip-hop industry. Men within the commercial hip hop industry have however to halt this social issue, acclaim and riches have been created from the discrimination of ladies since the early a long time of the hip hop. 

In this new age, women have been making a more prominent appearance in the hip-hop industry. They have similar messages of women’s empowerment that are portrayed in a plethora of ways mainly by presenting boss energy or directly encouraging their audience.  We can see these examples in both African and African American cultures. The discrediting and discrimination against women in the industry unfortunately are universal. I will be using artists Rosa Ree, Nicki Minaj, and Megan thee Stallion, and Gigi Laymane as female artist examples to represent the idea of women empowerment in the industry.

Champion- Rosa Ree

Rosa Ree’s song Champion feat Ruby is a very strong example of spoken encouragement in regards to women empowerment/ feminism. Starting with the title, knowing already that Rosa Ree is in fact a female artist having the title champion already speaks volumes about what message she is trying to achieve and spread.

The chorus is in her native tongue Swahili “nina uzewo wa kufanya nachotaka” which means I have the ability to do what I want. This is a very powerful phrase because society discredits women in the hip-hop industry as if they don’t meet the “qualifications” to be successful in a male-dominated category. She explains in the song that she focuses on herself and notices the hatred that she receives for being a female artist and dismantles those stereotypes by hustling and getting her money and success on her own. She states, “I work so hard till they brag about me.. What they dont say is that they used to undermine me, Dont matter life is hard but you gat it, A whole new chance to try again it, And if you fall go again for it, A winner is just a loser, who didn’t give upon it”

Way Up- Rosa Ree

Continuing with the artist Rosa Ree in the song Way Up, she still emphasizes the hustle and boss persona in order to show that as a female artist she can do anything else a man could do in the industry. The phrase “ Way Up” holds depth as well. Her way up as an artist in the industry as many artists in her position are overlooked. However, the phrase can also refer to how women have progressed and gotten more recognition over time. It takes a lot of work and dedication to put artistry as a woman because oftentimes people fail to respect the validity of their craft. This is why the hustle/ boss mantra is so prominent in female rap. Like Rosa Ree said, “You see I grind everyday eh, And everything I got I earned it, I’m on the way up, Hustle night till the morning.”

Why you mad  -Gigi lamayne

The boss mantra continues in the song Why you Mad by Gigi Lamayne. She is a 24-year-old South African award-winning extraordinaire. She emanates dominant femininity in her lyrics that let her audience she is not to play with. This song is to her haters and ultimately anyone doubting people like her. Once you reach a level of confidence and determination nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. That is the most prominent message in the song and she even did it with concrete lyricism.  As an artist in the industry they should. It creates a more positive image of women rather than the societal housewife doing chores and taking care of the kids. It alludes to the fact that women can be dominant and “untouchable” as well without the necessity of a man.

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