M​.​O​.​A. feat. Rafiya: “Sweet Moda”

Minista of Agrikulcha, also known as M.O.A, is an emcee from Accra, Ghana. Having a father as a politician and a mother as a Major in the Ghanaian Armed Forces, his childhood was pretty serious. He was always moving around and ended up in boarding school for some time. Though he had a love for music at a young age, it wasn’t pursued until his later years. He moved to the United States in the early 90’s and, after graduating with a degree in Management of Information Systems, he began to record and mix other artists. He later started to create and perform his own rhymes. His latest work has consisted mostly of collaborations with other artists and emcees.

M.O.A (Minista Of Agrikulcha) ‘s new single “Sweet Moda” is a track he wrote based off of the song his parents would play for him as a child:  “Sweet Mother” by Prince Nico Mbarga. The song had a major impact on him during his childhood, all the way up through his adult years. To M.O.A, “Sweet Mother” not only represented the strength and wisdom of his own mother, but also the faith and backbone of the millions of African women around the world – which is exactly what he talks about in his lyrics.  Minista of Agrikulcha uses this song to praise mothers and women overall for their strength, grace, and selflessness. This track has a laid back groove that anyone can sit back and listen to. Very easy going, very sweet sounding.

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