Final Project Mixtape – Black Girl Magic

The theme of the mixtape Black Girl Magic is the celebration and empowerment of Black womanhood in rap. The five songs included are all by Black women, speaking about Black women, to an audience primarily made up of Black women, although other groups may be addressed in the songs as well. To be selected, all the songs had to contain lyrics which did some or all the following: provide comfort or encouragement, instill a since of pride or confidence, and/or invoke a feeling of community or sisterhood in those who identify as a Black woman. The five songs were created by artists that are located throughout the African diaspora and this variety is also reflected in the lyrics. Written in the order in which they appear in the mixtape, “B.I.T.C.H” by Megan the Stallion, “Grrrl Like” by Dope Saint Jude, “Woman” by Little Simz feat. Clean Sol, “Peng Black Girls” by ENNY feat. Amia Brave, and “My Sister” by Shaybo feat. Jorja Smith all fit the theme of Black Girl Magic by meeting one or more of the criteria listed. The link for the Youtube mix is embedded below.

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