Fena Gitu – Power (P. Power) ft. Maandy & Vallerie Muthoni

Braggadocio is a huge part of hip hop. Credibility, authenticity, and respect, are factors crucial for you to be taken seriously as a rapper and sustain a long-term career. Due to hip hop being male-dominated, credibility is an especially important factor for women rappers. One good way of both proving that women belong in hip hop whilst at the same time validating, uplifting, and supporting other female rappers is through cyphers. Power (P. Power) is exactly that. The song features three artists: Fena Gitu, Maandy and Vallerie Muthoni, and showcases other women in the music video. From the video’s description: ”Fena is joined by Queens of Kenyan Rap and R&B, Maandy and in celebrating the Sisterhood.” The description also includes: ”Girl Power!

Fena Gitu, a.k.a Fenamenal Woman, is an eclectic Kenyan singer, songwriter, rapper and producer based in Nairobi, Kenya. She is also the founder of ‘fenamenalstyle.’ 

Maandy is a young vibrant singer-songwriter based in Nairobi, Kenya. Providing a vast array of music guaranteed to fit into whatever mood you’re in. 

Vallerie Muthoni aka Brown Suga is a Kenyan-American singer, rapper, dancer, and creative director currently based in Nairobi, Kenya. A versatile artist that refuses to be put in one box, often experimenting with hip-hop/trap, RnB & Soul, and afro-fusion throughout her discography. She names Beyonce, Teyana Taylor, Childish Gambino, Anderson Paak, Nicki Minaj & Kanye West as some of the influences in her artistry. 

Power (P. Power) was a single released in 2021.

This song aims to inspire women. The hook: ‘’Nairobi girls got that power. East African girls got that power, African girls got that power, and all around the world’’ is a good example. Furthermore, the song itself is called Power (P. Power), adding to the theme of inspiring, uplifting, and validating women overall, but also their space in the rap game.

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