Davido- Nigeria’s most popular star

Davido is one of the most popular artists in recent mainstream history.  Even though Davido was born in Atlanta, Georgia, he and his family have roots in Nigeria, and is consistently seen as Nigeria’s most-streamed artist on Spotify and Apple music. Throughout his career, he has managed to work with artists such as Chris Brown, Quavo, and Young Thug. What makes Davido so intriguing as an artist is that he dabbles in multiple genres of music such as mainstream pop, Afrobeats, R&B, and reggae music. While dabbling in these different genres of music, Davido still manages to give back to his community and represents parts of Nigerian culture and African culture on a larger platform and scale. 

One of Davido’s most popular records, to date, is Fall, which was released in 2017. The song is the first music video in Nigerian history to amass 100 million views on Youtube and is currently still breaking international records by being the longest-charting Nigerian song in history. What is significant about this song is that Davido manages to make a typical American hip-hop/pop song while also including references to Nigerian culture through dance. In the music video itself, you can see  Davido along with some of the background dancers doing traditional Nigerian dance movements. In addition to the dance movements, Davido represents the entire African diaspora within his music by using African-American/ Afro-Caribbean individuals in this music video as well. Finally, the people behind the production of this song come from different backgrounds. Kojo Funds, who is listed among one of the noted songwriters for this song, is a British songwriter who specializes in Western African music. By incorporating different aspects within the African Diaspora, Davido is able to reach a wider audience via his music and artwork. 

Link to Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Iyuym-Gci0

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