Sena Dagadu

Born in Accra, Ghana to a Hungarian mother and Ghanaian father, Sena experienced a wide range of musical influences from a very young age. Her

Bongo Flava and Hip Hop

By Msia Kibona Clark | 25 APRIL 2011 Tanzanian hip hop emerged in the late 80s, and by the late 90s was being labeled: Bongo Flava.

Language, Ideologies, Choices, and Practices in Eastern African Hip Hop

This is an essay written by, Alex Perullo and John Fenn which can be found in the book Global Pop, Local Language by, Harris M. Berger

Politics and Hip Hop Meet in Upcoming Elections

Interview | By Msia Kibona Clark | 15 SEPTEMBER 2010 Dar es Salaam — Hip hop has often been used by artists as a form of

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