Coming together to build a better future

In this video several prominent Botswanian artists come together to promote following your dreams. The song is titled “Get Up and Go Go” and the

Touch the Sky like Zeus

One of the biggest names of the hip hop scene in Botswana is Zeus. His debut album released in 2008 and was largely a success,

The Queen Takes Her Throne

Sasa Klaas released her first official single in the winter of 2013 and quickly gained in popularity both in Botswana and internationally. Now she sit’s

Exploring Lyrical & Artistic Feminism: Botswana’s Hip-Hop Star, Sasa Klaas

The Hip-Hop industry, like many others within patriarchal societies, remains male-dominated. However, the growing presence of talented female artists who challenge and question the status

Botswana’s Hip-hop Star, Enigma Pushes for Social Change

Although many understand hip-hop as simply a music genre consisting of rap and electronic beats, in actuality, hip-hop is an urban art form that depicts

Apollo Diablo’s ‘Rep Ur Hood,’: Representing Botswana and Hip-Hop Culture

In the 1970s, Bronx, New York, a city heavily saturated with people of color birthed a vibrant and meaningful underground movement of conscious rap, now known

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