Nomfundo Moh

Over the years in South Africa, there have been many songs that have been made for use during their empowerment struggle, pain and freedom that many talented and creative South African artist have made. Some about the social and political issues going on in South Africa and some about the shovels they had to face in order to get to the other side of where they are in their lives. This artist showcases I just got into a music video.

In the 2022 music video for the song “ Soft Life” Nomfundo Moh are sings a vowel her life and her struggles, and how she is prevailed for both herself and her family‘s legacy. In the video it shows Nomfundo wandering the streets, and on the side of the highway with a bag by herself, because she has no home for herself. She has decided to go on her own and create a life for herself, even if it means leaving behind all that, she knows she’s things about coming from humble beginnings, and working towards a more comfortable, better life. Nomfundo graduated from university in the manifestation. The song as she walked across the stage, a well-deserved full circle moment for the musician, whose career began shaping while at University, where she also met her producer Naxion cross. 

 The message in the song in the video that she wanted to showcase was that she accomplished her goal of going to university and graduating despite the odds that we’re against her. In South Africa, the graduation rate for university is 15% which is one of the lowest graduation rates in the world and the South African dropout rate is higher than 20% totaling at about 250,000 students in South Africa dropping out of school every year.

The song not only has a message, but it is very inspirational and drives others to believe that they can accomplish their goals

Soft Life-Nomfundo Moh

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