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Hello! My country is Tanzania and one of the artists I’d like to share today is the talented “Juma Nature”. Also known as “Sir Nature”, this artist is a hip-hop artist as well as a record producer. Nature is currently 42 years old, so you can say that he’s been in the game for a while. But, that hasn’t stopped him from making music! Nature is known to write about problems happening in his country. So far, some of the things he has touched in his music include: HIV/AIDS, not being able to meet basic needs, class barriers, wealth barriers, and staying strong through it all. Though he has been making music since 1998, he still brings his talents out to this day! For example, Nature has a new video out called “Kucha” with artist “Chege”. The artist Chege is also a older hip-hop artist, so it was easy for the two to connect through music and make their new song “Kucha”. Here is the link to enjoy the video! Though Juma Nature is older, he does have social media where you can see what he’s up to! He has Instagram as well as Facebook! Here are his accounts! Nature has been able to bring his country together through his music! He has been awarded multiple awards in the 2000’s like “Best African East” from the ‘2007 Channel O Music Awards’, “Best Hip Hop Album” from the ‘2005 Tanzania Music Awards’, and “Best African Act” from the ‘2007 MTV Europe Music Awards’. As you can see, there is no denying his talent and power he has over Tanzania and all over the world! Judging off him releasing new music recently, he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon either!

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