A Break With Jake Podcast : Differences in Protest and Combat Music in Africa and America

Within the fight for social change all over the world, all different types of public figures and artists create content in order to show their support and join in the fight. A couple of examples of this content are protest and combat music. Protest and combat music are often tools used to either spread awareness or encourage the people oppressed to stand up and mobilize against the forces against them. they do have their differences in their goal as well as differences in content depending on where the music is produced. To explore these differences, Jacob Smith, Antonio Jackson, and special guest Kayla Farris dig deeper into conversations pertaining to the reasons for the production of these songs and how they differ depending on where they were created.

To listen to the whole podcast, click below!

Music Credentials:

Call Me – LiQWYD

Emotionally Scarred – Lil Baby

Ubelyfye – Mampi

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