Tiwa Savage “Koroba”

Redefine the Diaspora

Tiwatope Savage is a singer, songwriter, actor, and performer, known as one of the rising stars of the Nigerian music industry.  Born in Isale Eko, she relocated to London at the age of 11 for her secondary education. Although she began her career by singing background vocals for George Michael, the Grammy-nominated singer has since worked with many notable figures, such as Kelly Clarkson, Mary J. Blige, and Chaka Khan. Throughout her long career, spanning 22 years, Savage has shared the stage with industry leaders such as Destiny’s Child, Sting, and Eminem.

She has written for ‘American Idol’ winner Fantasia Barrino and award-winning producer Babyface among others. She has released two studio albums and has been featured on one compilation album, as of 2018. Savage currently has a songwriting deal with ‘Sony/ATV Music Publishing and a recording contract with Nigerian label ‘Mavin Records.’ She also announced a management and publishing deal with the JAY-Z-founded ‘Sony’ affiliate, ‘Roc Nation,’ in 2016. Savage is bilingual, as she has spent a considerable part of her life in Nigeria, the UK, and the US. She typically sings in both English and Yoruba. She was previously married and has one child. In 2016, she announced that her marriage was over. She continues to focus on her career.

The African model, Tiwa savage, mentioned her track “Koroba” as her favourite. In an interview with journalist, she explained what she meant by the lyrics of the song. This statement left the media startled.

She said “koroba is a yoruba word which means a bucket. When I say carry your koroba, It literally means carry your bucket. But what I mean is mind your business”.

In a metaphorical way, this can represent her country and the African Diaspora because America has the prominent ideology of the white mans burden. Africa unfortunately is a continent that is heavily affected by the idea. Due to this European ideology, it can often get misconstrued about what Africa is actually like. This song , “Koroba” can be interpreted not only to stay out of her business as an artist , but to other “helper” countries to stop making false stereotypes about the wonderful continent of Africa. She starts the song with, 

I no come this life to suffer

If I follow politician

You go hear am for paper

Them go call am prostitution

Meaning a different perspective of European stereotypes towards African people because they think they are all poor. To take it a step further, Tiwa is a woman hip hop artist which also breaks the stereotype not just in Africa but in America that women can also be successful. This may be a stretch of interpretation, however, I think it represents both her country and the African Diaspora by breaking down prominent stereotypes. 

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