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This week we’re highlighting the Nigerian-born UK based rapper, Shaybo. Unlike some female rappers today who take a more nuanced approach to their style Shaybo literally drills you with her sound and seems to hold nothing back. Quite like the style of music where she is from in the UK called Drill Rap, hailing from Chicago. Shaybo talks about her ghetto, her willingness to fight, and the amount of bands (money) she has. 

In Dobale, Shaybo expresses her Yoruba heritage and blends it with her UK roots all the while penetrating our ears with her signature style. Her braggadocio probably tops all of her songs with Dobale because of the pride she is expressing in both places she roots in. Shaybo stands apart from other rappers I believe because of her unapologetic nature and willingness to rock the boat for any subject, though she does play into typical rap video tropes but that’s probably intentional. 

Her usage of wardrobe is top notch in range in Dobale as well. Since she is speaking about her Nigerian Yoruba heritage and also UK roots she incorporates clothing from both places. Her everyday street clothing in full color sweatsuits and hoodies represent her UK side while the Nigerian print clothing represents her Yoruba side.

Now, though I don’t believe Shaybo is that strong of a lyrical artist, I believe she more than makes up for that with her poise, take-no-shit attitude, and willingness to “tell it how it is”. Many artists could probably learn from her approach to her content. She is straightforward, proud, and eager to tell you her side of her story while giving us dope beats and a new perspective.

She represents the women who just like to go hard, from my opinion as a man.

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