“Peng black girls”

Enitan Adepitan. Better known as ENNY. ENNY was born and raised in London and is of Nigerian hertiage. About 6 months ago she released her song “Peng Black Girls,” along with the music video. The song provides a strong sense of empowerment for Black girls. ENNY uplifts black girls of all shapes, sizes, skin tones and honors older Black women. The song gained popularity through tik tok. Black women have been making tik toks using the song as they embrace their Black Girl Magic. The original video reached over 1 million views. The song was then remixed by Jorja Smith, and the performance video by ENNY and Jorja Smith reached over 9 million views. The remix music video is a performance for “A COLORS SHOW.” However, the original music video represents both London and Nigerian.

The “Peng Black Girls” music video was filmed in Thamesmead, London, where ENNY was born and raised. She represents her country by showing off her hometown. ENNY shows her audience what her town looks like and the people she grew up with. The video includes cameos of her close friends and cameos. One of these cameos is a direct representation of her Nigerian hertiage. ENNY writes, “Want a fat booty like Kardashians. No. Want a fat booty like my Auntie got.” As ENNY delivers this line the camera cuts to a scene of ENNY, Amia Brave, along with older Black women. In this scene, all of the women are dressed in traditional African attire. They are dressed formally in beautiful gowns alongside their family. This moment in the video is intended to pay homage to ENNY’s heritage. She was born and raised in London, however she will forever have ties with Nigerian.

ENNY and Amia Brave are dressed in informal popular street wear throughout the video. Expect for the moments they are viewed with the Black women in their family. ENNY is showing love and respect for her elders, while also showing love and respect for her Nigerian heritage. ENNY gives her audience a glimpse into her life with this music video, and she made sure she represented her African heritage. ENNY represents herself in the “Peng Black Girls” video, by representing London and Nigeria.

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