Eno Barony: One of many Ghanaian female hip-hop artists making history

Female hip-hop artists in Africa have entirely transformed the music industry, made immense impacts on the community, and created spaces for themselves within the hypermasculine, male-dominated rap culture. Through these spaces, they can vocalize their messages about subjects that they are passionate about and challenge current societal narratives. While they made these spaces within hip hop, African women have also revolutionized the industry in their unique ways. They lead as pioneers for present and future generations.

A prominent female hip-hop artist is Eno Barony. She is considered by many as the best female rapper in Ghana at the moment and was even nominated for “Best Rapper of the Year” at the 2018 Vodafone Ghanaian Music Awards (VGMA). Eno Barony was the first woman ever to be nominated in that category. 

Eno Barony is a prodigiously talented and accomplished female hip-hop artist in Ghana. She is a role model and has distinguished herself as a force to be reckoned with in the industry. She showcases her mastery through her flawless flow and incredibly catchy beats and skillful lyrics that touch upon important topics, such as feminism and body image. 

One of Eno Barony’s latest songs, “God is a Woman,” is a powerful piece. Her song includes a beat that no one can resist dancing to. What distinguishes the song is her compelling lyricism. Through her word choice, Eno Barony speaks about the power and potency of women. One of the lyrics that epitomize the song’s importance is, “It took a woman to change the world with just an apple so behave.” Eno Barony’s song not only empowers women but encourages women and girls to feel confident, strong, beautiful, and just badass. 

Other notorious female hip-hop artists, like Gigi Lamayne and Kanyi Mavi, similarly convey messages regarding women’s empowerment through their music. While each artist confronts challenges and the patriarchy through their music in different ways, they all have unique voices that command their audiences and inspire and inform them about the messages they are portraying regarding women.

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