Blitz the Ambassador Acknowledges his Roots in “Make You No Forget”

Blitz the Ambassador is one of Ghana’s most famous hip-hop stars. Growing up in Ghana, Blitz the Ambassador then moved to Brooklyn, NY to pursue his dreams as a rapper. As discussed in class, many artists choose who are proficient in different languages put a lot of thought to determine what language(s) they preform is. As a Ghanian artist trying to make it in the U.S., Blitz the Ambassador often raps in English, but that does not mean he does not stay true to his Ghanian roots.

In one of Blitz the Ambassador’s early songs “Make You No Forget”, he stresses the importance of remembering where you come from. While portions of the song arena English, Blitz the Ambassador also seems to use Ghanian Pidgin English as well.

This blend of English and Pidgin English demonstrates how Blitz the Ambassador is not only trying to widen the appeal of his music to English-speakers, but to especially highlight the value of Ghanian culture. In addition to using Pidgin English, Blitz the Ambassador also uses many anecotes to appreciate Ghana.

For example, as noted by Genius, in their analysis of the lyrics in “Make You No Forget”, Blitz the Ambassador refers to his secondary school to pay homage to where he first got involved in the arts. The reference to Blitz the Ambassador’s upbringing also shows that he was financially privileged in Ghana. However, Blitz Ambassador still addresses disparaties in Ghana, such as corruption. Thus, ein addition to language itself, Blitz Ambassador’s use of differentwell-known phrases known in Ghana help express his message of returning to your roots.

Blitz the Ambassador’s mix of English and Pidgin English can also encourage non-Ghanians to appreciate the culture as well. For example, although I am African-American, Blitz the Ambassador’s use of English while appreciating Ghana’s rich culture helps me further appreciate it as well.

Blitz the Ambassador is very well-known for his artistry and social commentary. You can find more of his music here.

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