Let’s Talk About Sampa The Great’s Female Energy

Sampa The Great is the epitome of powerful female energy that is taking place in the world of Hip Hop today. The Great was born in Botswana and raised in Zambia, and is a hip hop artist apart of the African diaspora. When Sampa The Great raps you want listen to the message she is trying to get across. Her visual content is constructed outside of western images of beauty and the audience will typically see this while viewing her visual content. This post will focus primarily on her song visual “Energy In her song “Energy” Sampa The Great raps the lyrics “If I ruled the world, money stacks for all my daughters, Never asked for payment in the womb times 9, Now we see the blood on the streets times’ trying, Feminine energy, Balance up the indestructible”

I appreciate the beauty visuals of this video, the video tapes into an image of what femine energy looks like. I really love that it isn’t comprised to one thing it’s multi faceted Visual for energy compose spiritual symbols of feminine energy such as water, wearing white, the landscape of the earth. The video shows divine  generational energy of black women by showing various black women of all ages.  Sampa the great also features men in the video but are not the center because they also have feminine energy. Sampa The Great’s music, image, and visuals are refreshing.

To my knowledge I haven’t seen this kind of artistry in a minute from women hip hop artist. I firmly believe women have the right and choose what kind of artist they want to be, with so many mainstream artist having their careers centered on sexuality is refreshing to see Sampa The Great. I appreciate Sampa The Great for being a great artist, visionary, as well RAPPER, she can definitely spit bars and knowledge at the same time.

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