From Ruff to Riches

Venus N. Johnson

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Amongst Zambia’s wide range of ethnic and diverse artistic rappers, Ruff Kid stands out as one of the top lyricist of this South African country for many different reasons. Born and raised, this Zambian native is better known by the name Masautso Nkhoma, however his stage name, so he says, derives from and depicts his background; Being raised in single parent household in the rural parts of the Cha cha cha township, Masautso closely identified with every aspect of his rough childhood so, as a result became the basis and significance of his stage name, Ruff Kid. Many believe that your name reveals your nature, therefore, for Masautso to attribute his name to reflect his experiences as he grew from the outskirts of Zambia speaks volumes to his own personal respect for his not just his upbringing, but Zambia as a whole…

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