Student Project: 5 Nigerian Artists to Know

This is a special episode produced by our students for their project looking at Nigerian musicians: In our episode, we are focusing on the top five Nigerian artists that have an influence in American mainstream media. We are giving you a breakdown of these artists, their beginnings, and of course, a listen to one of their most popular songs. Each artist has their own distinctive style and sound, and some even do much more than just sing/rap. You should definitely have heard one of these artists on the radio, or even while you’re out partying, but if not, be sure to listen and get to know a bit about each of them. Stay tuned all the way to the end to hear which American hip-hop artists we think they should collaborate with.Follow the artists we discussed on social media to keep up with their music, events, and more!

1. WizKidInstagram: @WizKidAyoTwitter: @WizKidAyoApple Music:

2. DavidoInstagram: @DavidoOfficialTwitter: @iam_DavidoApple Music:

3. Tekno MilesInstagram: @TeknoOfficialTwitter: @AlhajiTeknoApple Music:

4. Korede BelloInstagram: @KoredeBelloTwitter: @KoredeBelloApple Music:

5. Maleek BerryInstagram: @MaleekBerryTwitter: @MaleekBerryApple Music:

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