Artist Review: NINE7 “#Felicia” and Type Beats

NINE7 is an African rap crew that aims to pave their way in the music industry. This rap crew is made up of rappers, producers, songwriters and they all have been determined to work on the most important part of their music which is their sound. It literally speaks for itself. Their song “Felicia” is a revamp of the very famous phrase “bye Felicia” that was in the popular 90’s movie called “Friday”, which I’m sure most Black Americans (me included) can recognize and laugh about whenever the phrase comes up. They use this phrase and twist it in their song which really BUMPS in regards to lyricism. I was laughing out loud throughout the whole song whenever the main part came on when they reference “Felicia”. I also found myself , along with the laughing, nodding my head to the beat during all of the verses.

Overall, NINE7 seems to be getting off on a successful path after thinking of such a funny, yet twistable, phrase to base a song off of. I also had the pleasure to listen to a couple of their other works and might I add, I would highly recommend you listen to their creative “type beats” posted on their Youtube page.  They remix a bunch of well known song beats into their own beats which sound *insert fire emoji here* lit! A couple of artists work’s they remix is; Drake, Partynextdoor, ASAP Rocky Bryson Tiller, Lil Uzi, Kodak Black, The Weeknd (my personal favorite), and much more! These beats really prove that they are serious about making gooding sounding music. Whenever you get an itch to listen to some fresh beats, search NINE7’s beats and you can thank me later!

Here’s the link to their song “Felicia” 

Here’s the link to their YouTube page:

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