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HHAP Episode 14: African (Women) MCs & Hip Hop Lyricists

This episode features the music of several MCs from across Africa. We depart from the interview format and bring you music from some of our favorite (women) MCs. This is essentially a mixtape of diverse female voices in African hip hop. These MCs live in different countries, seek different languages, and speak on diverse topics. In each of these songs, the artists performing deliver strong, hard hitting lyrics that are both classic hip hop and representative of African styles of hip hop. See the artists’ social media pages for more information. Additionally, some of the artists have their work on iTunes. Those links are provided.

Track List

  1. Moona (Senegal) “Revolution” | |
  2. OMG & Mamy Victory (Senegal) “OK” |
  3. Eve Crazy (Senegal) “Alandouti Freestyle” | |
  4. Abena Rockstar (Ghana) “Abena” |  | | |
  5. EyiRap (Ghana) “Beast in the City” | |
  6. Pryse (Nigeria) “Na Still Woman” | |  |
  7. Stosh (Tanzania) “Supa Madini” | |
  8. Tifa (Tanzania) “Emergency” | |
  9. Xtatic (Kenya) and Devour Ke Lenyora (South Africa) “BIGH” |  & |
  10. Enigma (Botswana) “Hard on Flow” | | |
  11. DJ Naida (Zimbabwe) “Zvakasara” | | |
  12. Gigi Lamayne (South Africa) “Gigi the Great” | | |
  13. Yugen Blakrok (South Africa) “Beastleague”| | |
  14. Kanyi Mavi (South Africa) “Ingoma” | | |



Assistant Professor in the African Studies Department at Howard University. Professor of the course Hip Hop and Popular Culture in Africa. Researcher and photographer of hip hop in Africa.

4 thoughts on “HHAP Episode 14: African (Women) MCs & Hip Hop Lyricists

  1. This joint is epic and the needed forward movement.

    Appreciate you my sister and Bison!

    These ladies got flows and flags. Well chosen.

    “iCompilation Life” is real. Well chosen.

    Straight genuinely enjoying this, Asante!


  2. Some great songs in the selection there. Also recommend:
    Phlow (Nigeria)
    Nthabi (SA)
    Angel Mutoni (Rwanda)
    Dope Saint Jude (SA)
    Wangechi (Kenya)
    Chaa (Zambia)
    And the one from X-plastaz (Tan) is absolutely excellent although I can’t name her now. Great show.


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