Hip hop: The voice of Africa’s youth

Oliver jarvis

Following in the spirit of World Creativity and Innovation Week (April 15-21), a string of days in the calendar dedicated to encouraging and reminding people to use their imagination for social transformation, CGTN Africa spoke to expert hip hop professor Msia Kibona Clark on the rising trend of hip hop and what the genre means to Africa’s youth.

Rapping in African music is a tradition that stretches far back, and over time has enjoyed plenty of recapitulations and shifts. The modern trend, blended with the attitude of rap from the West, has recreated a neo-hip hop style – spreading throughout the continent with a brash energy and passion that has arguably kickstarted a musical and cultural revolution amongst Africa’s youth.

The frustration, anger, poverty, joy, and spirit which young rappers have expressed through their lyrics have transformed the minds of millions of African youth, who are able to relate to the messages and stories being told.

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