The African Dream the American Way !

M.anifest is an African hip hop artist from Ghana. Upon examining his song Coming to America, I cannot help but to think of the American Dream. M.anifest, an African man, is no different than any other person in America. The idea of wealth and prosperity are globally revered. The song’s title in itself sheds light on the meaning of the song. The concept behind the song is the tradition of Africans “coming to america” and leaving their family behind to seek wealth for the family. The video displays differnt American symbols such as, fireworks, the black power fist, and prayer hands. I believe this is key to show how coming to America, the set standards and beliefs are what he is expected to assimilate to. M.anifest says, ” I’m going, I’m coming, what tomorrow holds, nobody knows”. I believe this line is pertinent in the message that America provides a sense of hope. The video also shows people of all races with signs that say welcome. This sends the message that America is welcomed to all people. M.anifest also repeats, “make sure my kid don’t grow up broke”. Many people seek wealth to establoish an easier life for their family, as money is a source of power and status.

M.anifest’s music holds the Diaspora of hip hop through storytelling. The song tells of a tradition in Africa and the perspective he has on going/coming to America. His perception is one based on the image given to America, one of hope for the future and the ability to achieve the American Dream. Hip hop music generally seeks to bring about change in relation to a certain issue, but I feel otherwise when hearing this song. I believe M.anifest’s music is more so used an avenue for personal expression that provides a sense of relatanbility. Coming to America, is a different kind of hip hop. M.anifest’s music is hopeful rather than the usual rebellious and hard culture surrounded around hip hop.


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