Erykah Badu

The song I selected for this blog was Window Seat by Erykah Badu. This song was produced in 2010, exactly two years The Healer. In this video she starts off as a woman who has several levels of layers on, asking for a window seat. She is longing for this lover, and begins to strip nude. Erykah wants some sort of relief in regards to her love life. She starts off wearing a trench coat and hoody. She takes her clothing of piece by piece out in the broad daylight. There are several individuals around her that range from all ages. At the end of the video she gets shot down, after being shot down she then states people reject what they do not understand. Individuals refuse to accept change, and will do anything to make sure things are not effective. Erykah explains that a woman does not need a man to love her, and that no women should long for love. Often times throughout the women and men seek love, when they need to have confidence in themselves. Erykah Badu does a great job of revealing how confident she is with in herself by how she strips her clothes off one by one. She showed great confidence, when she stripped her clothes off in front of random people on the street. Another thing one can notice is the fact that she had hair wrapped. Not many women want to viewed by others, especially men when there is not wrapped. Having her hair wrapped was like her signature, which to me can really show confidence. Most women use their hair as their signature, but not her. Erykah was one who seemed as if she was a fan of natural beauty. I like her boldness so much to the point that I would even date her. I find her boldness and confidence extremely attractive.

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