Senegal Hip Hop | SEFYU – Suis-je le gardien de mon frère ?

For this blog post, I examined “SEFYU – Suis-je le garden de mon frère?” I am my brothers keeper. I believe the story was well developed throughout the video. Although I do not think it depicted Senegalese culture very well. Majority of the video reminded me of every day  American culture in the ghetto. From the clothes and living conditions, nothing screamed, “this is Senegal.”

Nevertheless, I did enjoy the video as a whole. The production and the structure of the plot  was properly put together. I couldn’t tell if the lyrics were describing each words, but the repetition of the title “Suis-je le garden de mon frère?” reassured me that the film matched the song.

SEFYU himself, is a shadow artist, in terms of the fact that he keeps himself hidden. He seldom shows his face throughout his performances or any visual projects that he produces. His clothing style also does not give away his style as a person. He typically dressed with baggy jeans, athletic gear, and fitted caps.

sefyu-nantes1SEFYU – Suis-je le gardien de mon frère ?

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