Why WizKid’s Year-Old Song “Ojuelegba” Should Be In Your Summer 2016 Playlist

Arguably Nigeria’s best rapper and biggest star, WizKid is more than just a household name. Rising to fame with his 2010 single “Holla At Ya Boy”, he hasn’t really seen a decline, especially recently. He just (8 hours ago) released a song he collaborated with R. Kelly on that seems to be a hit to both artist’s fans. He’s won a slew of awards including a BET Award, a MOBO Award, and four Nigeria Entertainment Awards. Being nominated three times for MTV Europe Music Awards as well as four times for the World Music Awards, he has reached global recognition outside of his home country of Lagos.

Another accomplishment to place next to his awards and Forbes list placement is his single “Ojuelegba”. On his most recent album, “AYO”, it is an ode to his journey to stardom and his thankfulness of not only God but his upbringing (the title is that name of a section in Lagos). While many artists have a sing that takes a look back at the long road they have travelled, this song does behind an upbeat dancehall, eccentric beat that allows it to be played again and again. The beat is similar to “Work” by Rihanna, a beat you can dance to and isn’t a typical “hip-hop” beat. It’s no wonder his fanbase is so huge (he is the first Nigerian musician to have over 1 million followers), while he thrives in his other popular songs, he can completely switch his style and maintain what everyone loves him for most.

WizKid posing during a video shoot.

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