If rap gets jealous-K’naan

K’NAAN is a popular rapper from the African country of Somalia. He is fairly well known ion america and very famous within his native country along with the whole continent of Africa. He grew up surrounded by violence unknown to nearly anybody in America. K’naan witnessed horrible things due to the civil war that had erupted inside Somalia when he was but a young adolescent boy 12 years of age. Several of his friends were shot and killed by an adolescent boy slightly older than them. He had a close encounter with death when he was a young boy he mistook a grenade in the mud for a potato. He realized it was not and tossed it aside where it detonated luckily away from his personal being at that point. All these violent occurrences along with the general violent nature of his home made his mother move them to New York. In america his music career really blossomed. Coca-cola used his “Waving Flag” song as the song for the FIFA World Cup, he was featured on the BET cypher in 2008 on national television and he’s also had several awards and nominations for his albums and singles. His song “If rap jealous” is a song about K’naan’s frustrations with rap and other aspects of life. It’s a personal testimony used as a critique and it work. He has a very chance the rapper flow. the beat is mellow like a Coldplay song but gets intense when he does. It is in my opinion a very good rap song, the lyrics are good and it conveys a clear message.

If rap gets jealous-K’naan

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