Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun better known as “WizKid” is a recording artists born in nigeria, he is also a songwriter and performer. He started with music at a young age, and is now 25 years old and has seen his commitment to the music pay off signing a deal with Empire Mates Entertainment and releasing multiple albums throughout his career. He has received many awards for his work, and rightfully so. WizKid is a testament to how your hard-work can pay off if you put in the time and effort.

One of WizKids most popular songs is Ojuelegba off of his “Ayo” album. This song totaling more than 7 million views on youtube. In this song he speaks of his experiences in Nigeria. It has an island sound to it with the instruments that are used, and he raps much of the song in the native language. It gives an insight to his culture and surroundings during his upbringing in Nigeria. He expresses his gratitude to be where he is today. This is something that is missing in hip hop. Rappers brag and boast about all they have and that they have done but forget to give thanks. It is important to reflect on how blessed to be able to use the talents that god has given. This songs gives off great vibes, it makes people happy and want to dance when they hear this music. This is why this song is very popular in not just Africa, but globally. In this video you are able to see villages in Africa, the people and their interactions. You can see native foods as well as daily activities of the people. In this song he does a great job of portraying the homeland, and making a song that makes people feel lively.



Author: Ben Gilbert


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