Obrafour “Odasani”

Obrafour was born as Michael Elliot Kwabena Okyere Darko in 1976. In his 2014 single “Odasani” ft M.anifest who is also a well known rapper as well, they share an intentional message with us. M.anifest was born Kwame Ametepee Tsikata, November 20, 1982) is an award winning Ghanaian rapper and songwriter. Obrafour has now started his own record label and is taking his music throughout Ghana, Africa, and even places in Europe. The music video starts off with men wearing African style dress, who are clearly in a rural area where some sort of leader is ordering for people to assassinated for some reason. The men in the video are fighting and Obrafour appears in the video as being cuffed to a gate at one point. I enjoyed m.anifest verse in the this song more than other parts. I enjoyed the dramatization of the video and the ending the as well because attached with the light hearted beat it wasn’t something that person who didn’t speak the language to except.

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