I Can Not Wait Until 2008… Barack Obama


In somewhat a dated song, hiphop artist “Black Rasta” speaks on his views of Barack Obama and  Obama running for president in his song appropriately titled “Barack Obama.” The song discusses many central issues and thoughts that were shared amongst multiple people around the time Barack Obama was originally running for presidency. One of the first things that the song discusses is Obama’s Kenyan’s roots and how people will try to use it against him. The song says “Barack beware!x3 before dem turn ya name into Barack Osama.” This did happen when many people tried to associate his name with terrorism and tried to discredit him. Also, the song discusses how Barack Obama will usher in a new era for Black Americans and Africans. He will bring forth an era of less disrespect of blacks from white Americans and if not he will suffer. Finally, the Black Rasta discusses in his rap about how America has done powerful black political leaders. He says that Obama needs to be cautious before he ends up like Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm X.

I believe that this song was a very brilliant song. Black Rasta had rapped about some real issues surrounding Barack Obama’s presidential campaign originally. I believe that this song probably help form the opinions of multiple African voters, and it put president Obama in a great light. I believe his flow was simple and easy to understand. I also enjoyed how mixed some traditional singing from where he is from with his raps over traditional beats from his area. Finally, the song all together was excellent no matter the dated topic, I give it to thumbs up, and recommend it to everyone.

Link To Song Lyrics

Blakk Rasta- Barack Obama Lyrics


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