“Eye” Am Unimpressed

Lithal Li’s “Eye the Con” was featured on World Hip Hop Women: From The Sound Upa compilation of singles from female hip-hop artists from several different countries. With phrases such as “all-star representative” and “global champion” being used to describe the project, frankly, I am confused as to how “Eye the Con” made the cut to be one of the 21 songs featured.

Lithal Li is an artist from South Africa, and from my research, it does not seem as though she has been performing or producing music as of late. Her discovery features several singles, but only one extensive project, Eye Con: The Lithal Li EP 1, on which “Eye the Con” is featured.

The lyrics of “Eye the Con” strike me in the same way as the Tweets of American hip-hop artists Jaden Smith and B.o.B. – thought provoking and unique, but lacking any sincerity or evidence.

For example:

“…the vision will always remain hidden – until we open our eyes ‘n realize their lies guised as truth – ain’t nothing but a spoof!”

“Mass media, pop-culture, conformity – you hearing me? I’m disillusioned by this industry!”

“This world is so rotten, step up and spot what’s happening”

Even after reading through an interview in which Lithal Li talks about her musical endeavors, I still have trouble connecting with her as a listener or believing her message.

Regardless, I appreciate the way Lithal Li constructed her lyrics and her experimental, though unpolished, sound. But paired with the other female artists on the aforementioned mixtape, I struggle to see how it compares with songs with, in my opinion, better content and delivery.

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