Davido On the Rise

Washington, DC

Award-winning Producer and Hip Hop Artist, Davido is putting on for Nigerian Music. The Nigerian born David Adedeji Adeleke, also known as Davido, was born November 21, 1992 in Atlanta, Georgia. Shortly after he was born, Davido and his family moved to Lagos. After he moved to his home country of Nigeria, Davido earned a degree in music from Babacock University. At this time, Davido gained major success in Nigeria with his single “Dami Duro”. Then on, the artist-producer would begin making his debut album Omo Baba Olowo which was officially released in 2012.

In a 2012 interview with Bellanaija.com, Davido mentions that his decision to take music seriously began in 2011:

“I was formerly in a group called KB international in America. It wasn’t working out so I thought I should just do this on my own that was when I moved back to Nigeria. I was around people that were musically inclined. I love music, and why not do something you love and are happy doing and making money at the same time”

Davido and his brother came together to create HKN (Honorable Kings of New-School) Music, their own record company where they manage many other music artists. From then on, Davido began producing music for well known artists like Naeto C and Skales in 2012 as well as working on his own music.

Although the release of his sophomore album has been pushed back, Davido continued working on music. Gracing tracks such as Hookah by Danagog, producing for his upcoming album, and dropping singles of his own. Davido’s style of music is very diverse. His sounds feature pop, reggae, hip hop, and rap elements. This ability to transcend music genres will help the artist especially after his recent record deal with Sony Entertainment.

Of his recent music releases, Davido teamed with Maybach Music’s Meek Mill on Fans Mi. In his rising position within the music industry, Davido talks about his rags to riches story: Nobody loved me when I was on the come up. Now that I made it, everybody wants me.

The song, produced by Shizzi, features 808s and Claps familiar to popular American artists like Mill. Davido switches between his native tongue and English. The chorus states:

“I remember when dem girls no dey come around
I remember when I had no money in my bank account
I remember when the streets no dey show me love
But now dem they love me bami mu this Hennessy
Omo ki lo kan mi, kan mi pelu jealousy o
Omo ki lo kan mi, kan me pelu enemy o
Omo ki lo kan mi, pe mi lori cell me o
Ni**a I’m just balling balling with my fellas mi o
Oya je ka ko rin, Korin pelu fans mi oo”

After gaining a BET Award for Best International Act and many other awards and nominations, the sky is the limit for this artist. His versatile style and flow will only make it easier for this artist to merge into stardom. Having a rich father does not hurt either!





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Author: Cydney Stephens

Cydney Stephens is studying Broadcast Journalism at Howard University. Stephens has been a practicing Journalist for two years. New to the field, Stephens is developing her niche in the journalism world. Cydney was born in Tacoma, Washington amidst great cultural and ethnic diversity. For this reason, she finds interest in issues pertaining to Equality and Social Justice. When she is not developing her journalistic eye, Cydney enjoys discovering new restaurants. Located in Washington, D.C, Cydney has visited many restaurants. Her current favorite is Ben's Nextdoor.

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