Blitz the Ambassador

Blitz the Ambassador

Samuel Bazawule birth name also goes by his music name Blitz the ambassador was born April of 1982 in Accra, Ghana. He is the third of four children, as a kid Samuel attended renowned Achimota School where he received multiple awards for his visual art. In the mist of the visual art he later found love in hip hop music after hearing his brother play as CD album from public enemy It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back. Blitz had a love for history and social observation, in school he did research and wrote tones of rhymes which he had became famous in school. His genre is his hip hop/ hip life in Africa they call it. After graduating high school as a senior from archimota high school he was recognized by a Ghanaian producer hammer which he delivered a eight bar upon meeting him and then was later ask to come to the studio. Blitz idol was Nas the rapper where he gets his music fashion from. He was later gained notoriety and won best new artist at the 2000 Ghana music awards. A year later he moved to the USA for college in Ohio to study at Kent state university. He was studying a Bachelor’s degree in business Administration, in the mist of school he became a live artist, he performed at several live shows and opening for rappers just as Rakim while recording a self released album soul rebel in 2004 in search for the Afropolitian dream. Soon after Graduating College Blitz went straight to New York City where he later lived to pursue his dream and later recorded his second album in 2005 double consciousness then stereotype. Coming from a diverse musical background his explicit intent of changing hip hop forever, to create that he formed a band by the name of The Embassy Ensemble, after getting labels run around he decided to go at it on his own. In 2009 he was chosen in Beyond Race magazine 50 most emerging artist. He established his own label the Embassy MVMT. In 2011 he came out with singles and more albums with other artist he collaborated with. In 2012 single feelin high with and 2015 he released another single from the X factor album.

Blitz music represents Hip life and hip hop, high life is Ghana music. Such as African folk music that is where some of the sounds are generated from that. One of his songs called the native sun you can hear the African traditional sound to it, instruments like the rattle, drums and other instruments. With the sound of the beat you can hear the live band. Native sun has a ritual ceremonial feel to it, with some old school sound of Fela Kuti music. His music talks about his roots the mother land Africa, he isn’t too political but he’s political if you catch my drift, but in his music he doesn’t forget where he comes from, Blitz still has a slight accent but his music is mixed with the roots, most def and other artist. Here is a little sample of his music, West African flow She forced to close your eyelids And imagine a run nonstop Mount Rushmore Dead presidents to run my tongue Sharper than the guillotine A bunch of stay slicing Event guard your ears Mike Tyson Spitting at these lames Watch them touchdown in Africa Get snatched for the canes You bought your bootlegs Then return it to the store I can’t get you DVDs Where’s the player to the soldiers? Meanwhile I’m in Morocco Pin another classic for the masses” and this is coming from his song Dikembe by his lyrics you can notice that he goes to different parts of Africa. Blizt the ambassador depicts how Africa is the Future in his songs and how people need not forget where they come from. He explores his immigration experienced in one of his albums. Channeling African music, R&B, Bhangra, and jazz.

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