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Jack Parow

Jack Parow, born of February 22, 1982 in Cape Town, South Africa. Parow birth name is Zander Tyler. Parow idealize American rappers, especially Snoop Dogg, and wrote most of his songs in english before writing songs in Afrikaan. Parow performed with crews from Cape Flats, but it was his performance with Die Heuwels Fantasties that allowed his career to take off. In an interview last year, Parow, planned to have a contribution concert in Cape Town and hope to have artists from Cape Town and Cape Flats to perform. Furthermore, Parow announced his plan to become a producer and today, he is the owner of Parowphernalia, a record label.


Im 22 years old and a recent college graduate with an associates in Criminal Justice. Currently working towards earning a Bachelors' Degree in Criminal Justice/ Political Science.

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