Teargas Review


Although I did not really understand some of the lyrics in some of their songs, I thought they are an awesome group to listen to. I already have some of their songs like “Go Away”, “Party101”, “Party #88”, and “Take it easy” on my spotify playlists. You can tell that they like to incorporate the use of bass often through many of their songs which creates a way better beat like in Go away or This Year. Yet, in their songs like “Mhlobo Wami” and “Jabula”, they have more of an old school R&B sound or feel to it that shows how diverse this trios-group sound can be. I looked up some of the lyrics to a few of their songs like “Paradise” ft. Toya DeLazy, they rap about how they’ve made it and where they come from. “And if AIDS doesn’t get you, the gun will” this is one of the lines in their songs where they clearly mention the struggles their people face as HIV/Aids is one of the main topics this group raps about to bring awareness about. In their song “Champions,” they rap about those who persevere, regardless of their financial status, how they still have ambition to accomplish their goals, and shouldn’t give up. I think this group is great, you’re able to see them grow as artists, even if you don’t understand their lyrics, through some of their music videos as they seem to improve and their messages seem to be deeper though the images you see. I would recommend any hip-hop lover or even R&B fan, to have a listen to them because you won’t be able to hear just one of their songs.

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