Ghanaian rapper Tinny has a soft reggae sound in his songs ‘Tiokor’ and ‘One Corner’ that are really catchy and I was upset to find out that they were not on Spotify. ‘Tiokor’ has the perfect beat and energy that would be perfect for the summertime. It has a pop and reggae sound that blends together well and made me constantly push the replay button. I could not stop dancing to it, and understood why Tinny’s music was popular among youths.  Even though I had no idea what he was saying, I am  going to assume by watching the music video that he was talking about beautiful women because he had a variety of body types and skin colors which was surprising to see. ‘One Corner’ was catchy as well and had a electro and reggae sound which is a rare combination to hear. The majority of Tinny’s songs have the same upbeat reggae sound which I feel would be very popular among the  youth since they are always  looking for new sounds and are attracted to anything that can make them dance, even if they do not understand the language.

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